Baby Lifeline Gives Evidence to Parliamentary Inquiry into Maternity Safety in England

Baby Lifeline was delighted to be included in today’s inquiry hearing into maternity safety in England. 

The Safety of Maternity Services in England inquiry will examine evidence relating to ongoing concerns despite the substantial amount of work carried out in recent years. 

Head of Research and Development, Sara Ledger, spoke about Baby Lifeline’s Mind the Gap research which looked at what frontline maternity training looks like across the UK. 

Key Points Presented to the Committee:

  • The biggest barriers to attending and providing training in maternity are lack of funding and staff shortages – funding needs to be released to allow professionals to attend training.
  • Professionals are still attending training in their annual leave and paying for it themselves – this is not a “valued workforce”. 
  • Training needs to quality assessed. If professionals are attending training, it should be impactful. 
  • To allow for better implementation of national guidelines and best practice, training should be supported to allow this to filter down to the frontline. 
You can watch the full inquiry hearing here.
You can read Baby Lifeline’s written submission here.

We have captured Baby Lifeline’s evidence in the videos below: