Training for Health Professionals

Baby Lifeline has a proven track record of providing high-quality, effective training which has benefitted thousands of NHS health professionals. The training directly tackles things that have been shown to lead to the tragic avoidable deaths and injuries of mothers and babies. The aim is to improve care and save lives.

If you’re a health professional, you can see the training we offer here.

Saving Mothers' and Babies' Lives
Baby Lifeline's training improves care in areas shown to contribute to avoidable tragedies in maternity. Improvements to knowledge in these critical areas will save mothers' and babies' lives.
Supporting the NHS Frontline
We've trained thousands of healthcare professionals - midwives, obsetricians, GPs, paramedics, anaesthetists - to make an impact across maternity care.
Improving Care
Training is a crucial part of eradicating avoidable tragedies in maternity, and also improving care generally to help give mothers and babies the best outcome possible.

Decades of Promoting Safer Care

Baby Lifeline began its expert-led training over 20 years ago. Working with the much-respected and admired late Professor Richard Johanson, we developed the BIRTH Series (Bringing Interactive Responsive Training to Hospitals). 

Our focus over the last 20 years has been to develop training which relates and directly responds to the critical factors causing avoidable tragedies in maternity.

Budget restrictions in the NHS have led to a reduced investment in training, in particular for external training where the interaction between those from different professions and different organisations is beneficial to maintaining standards of care. Leading professionals form our extensive faculty to provide valuable training all over the UK.