Our research exists to promote safer care for women and babies. The majority of babies who don’t survive birth or the first few weeks of life could have had a different outcome with different care. We have made it our mission to eradicate these tragedies and improve care for all mothers and babies.

Improving Care

Baby Lifeline’s work focuses on prioritising the prevention of avoidable harm in maternity. Through our research we go straight to the heart of improving care – ensuring that those caring for mothers and babies have the tools and knowledge they need to give the best care possible. 

Our recent work is listed below. 

Mind the Gap Series 

Mind the Gap is an ongoing piece of research by Baby Lifeline, which investigates what training looks like for maternity professionals working in the NHS. The report focuses on training relating to themes in the causes of death and life-changing injuries for mothers and babies. 

Closing the Gap 

Closing the Gap is an analysis of maternity safety training based on recommendations from Baby Lifeline’s Mind the Gap Report (2018).

This analysis provides a guideline for what must be spent on maternity safety training to improve care.