About Baby Lifeline

Baby Lifeline is a unique national charity which promotes the safe care of pregnant women and newborn babies all over the UK and worldwide. It does this by supporting and working with NHS professionals – buying equipment, developing and providing critical training, and conducting research.

Recognised as one of the UK’s leading mother and newborn baby charities

Baby Lifeline was founded nearly forty years ago by Judy Ledger, after the tragic loss of her first three babies – sadly born too small to survive.  The goal of the charity is to give every mother and baby the best outcome possible. As a registered nurse, Judy recognised that this was only possible by supporting those who care for them with training, equipment, and knowledge through research. 

The charity has attracted the support of leading figures from the health service who sit on the charity’s advisory panel and A-list celebrities who fulfil the roles of Patrons – all united in their shared goal of making maternity care in the UK as safe as possible. 


Our Impact

Baby Lifeline has raised over £14 million which has helped to purchase much-needed equipment for maternity and special care baby units. 

Through our expert-led training, tens of thousands of NHS health professionals have improved their knowledge and confidence in areas shown to be linked to avoidable harm. 

The charity’s national research has also informed parliament and impacted care across the UK. 

For the 14 babies a day

Even with the advances in medical care and science today, every day around 14 babies are stillborn or die within their first four weeks of life in the UK. And every five days a family is left motherless due to causes relating to their pregnancy. 

When investigated, it has been reported that a significant number of mothers and babies may have had a different outcome with different care.  

There is still a lot more to be done, and our mission is to work hard to make sure that every mother and baby get the safest care possible. 

Donating online is quick and simple

We have teamed up with Just Giving & Charities Aid Foundation to accept debit and credit cards online.