Making care safer and better for every pregnant woman & newborn baby.

Baby Lifeline’s National Maternity Safety Conference 2023 took place in September! Once again, the annual event provided a day of learning together for a safer maternity future.



We asked families to celebrate the amazing work that maternity and neonatal teams do, and have done for families across the UK by nominating them for a UK MUM (Maternity Unit Marvels) Award. 



Every day women are giving birth in dark and freezing conditions – their maternity hospitals destroyed. Help us to provide vital medical aid so desperately needed in some of the most dangerous areas of Ukraine, to support women in childbirth and their newborn babies. Together, we can make a difference!


We listened to the pleas of community midwives, and we put together a nationally-recognised home birth bag with everything they need to give the safest and best care at home births.


Mind the Gap is an ongoing piece of research by Baby Lifeline, which invesitgates what training looks like for maternity professionals working in the NHS. The reports focus on training relating to themes in the causes of death and life-changing injuries for mothers and babies.

Baby Lifeline is a national charity which supports frontline NHS staff to prevent injuries and deaths in and around childbirth. 

Our mission is to improve safety and make care better for every mother, birthing person, baby and the frontline maternity professionals that support them.
Sometimes it’s due to a lack of equipment. Sometimes it’s because of a gap in training. Sometimes it’s the result of problems within the system. But whatever the reason, 13 babies a day are stillborn or have just a few hours, days, or weeks of life in the UK. And research has shown that the majority of tragedies like these could be avoided.

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