Sandra Igwe

Sandra Igwe a maternal health advocate, inclusion consultant, content creator, co – chair of the National inquiry into Racial injustice in Maternity Care and is the Founder of The Motherhood Group, a social enterprise that delivers workshops and large scale events interacting with    thousands of black mothers.

Sandra is also a Trustee for Birthrights Charity, the leading charity on human rights in pregnancy and childbirth in the UK and she is also the co-chair of the National Inquiry into Racial Injustice in Maternity Care.

The Motherhood Group raises awareness of black maternal issues, reduces the stigma of mental challenges within the community, provides peer-to-peer support, free doula support and free counselling support. Sandra also delivers digital training workshops to healthcare professionals, higher education institutions and other organisations to ensure black mothers voices are amplified, recognised and cultural competency is implemented in their work ethos.

The Motherhood Group delivers National campaigns, collaborates with decision-makers to influence policy, co-produces within national research (Oxford and Cambridge University) to improve Black Maternal Health, as well implementing digital and non-digital platforms to support mothers to improve long term health outcomes.

The Motherhood Group pioneered the UK’s first ever awareness week highlighting the disparities of black women’s maternal mental health outcomes and issues; Black Maternal Mental Health Week UK.

Sandra Igwe is also a Tedx Speaker, speaker and the driving force behind ‘Black Mum Fest’, the UK’s first exhibition dedicated to supporting and equipping black mothers. She pioneered the ‘Student Mum Workshop’ that partnered with Higher Education Institutions such as King’s College London, London South Bank University and UCL to deliver classes on managing studying whilst being a parent.

Sandra Igwe has been invited to liaise with the likes of Dawn Butler MP, Baroness Barran MBE and Debbie Weekes-Bernard, Deputy Mayor of London to discuss solutions on the health inequalities that black mothers face to discuss solutions on the health inequalities that black mothers face.

Sandra is also a best selling children’s book author; ‘Zoe and Chloe’s Feelings’, mother of two and digital content creator who has created digital portfolios for Aldi, Tesco, SKY, Wilko, MG and many more to ensure accurate representation of the black British mother is displayed.

Ultimately, driven by her passion and her experiences, her event curation will continue to raise awareness of the Black motherhood experience. Sandra has become a well known facilitator and her work through The Motherhood Group has helped mothers tackle anxiety, postnatal depression and stress through collaboration and partnership with healthcare practitioners, research practitioners, Higher Education institutions, brands and large scale organisations, whilst fostering peer to peer support. To date, Sandra and The Motherhood Group have raised awareness to the Black motherhood experience through collaborations with O2 Centre, BBC, Ran Studios, Nutopia, Shoot Media, The B Shirt and Cantu. She was also sponsored by the School of Social Entrepreneurs and Kings College GLAD study, exploring topics such as ‘Motherhood & Wellbeing’, ‘Managing Anxiety and Stress’ and ‘Motherhood & Relationships’.

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