Dr. Larisa Corda

“I’m absolutely thrilled to become an ambassador for Baby Lifeline. This is a charity that recognises the immense need to support parents and their babies at the most difficult of times, something that has sadly become even more necessary during the pandemic.

The longevity of this pandemic has meant the birthing of a whole new generation of babies and their parents. The legacy of these births will be felt for many more generations to come as we look towards the future out of this pandemic. Not least the courage and endurance women and their partners have demonstrated in the face of so many adversities and challenges thrown their way. From being unable to access what was once considered routine care, to the absence of partners and doulas at appointments and some births, women have had to make decisions faced with fatigue, exhaustion, rage and despair and a level of anxiety we have never seen before. Tragically, we’ve seen an increase in stillbirths and maternal deaths, and the entire situation has led to a rise in traumatic birth experiences as well as mental health issues that will haunt some families forever.

The effects of this devastating crisis have also been felt by all the staff working in maternity who have tirelessly tried to provide the best service that they can, sometimes having to be the substitute for family or birth partners that couldn’t be there. As a doctor on the frontline of this, I have also seen so many incredible stories of overcoming adversities in extreme circumstances and how people have come together to support what remains the greatest miracle of them all: giving birth to a new life. It has been my humble honour to look after the patients and families that I have and I hope to use this role as ambassador to Baby Lifeline, to help contribute to, shape and rebuild our maternal and gyanecological healthcare out of this pandemic, to serve all those who need them most.”

Dr Larisa Corda is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. She qualified from Imperial College London and her training has been both in the UK and Australia, seeing her gain an understanding and appreciation of gynaecological, obstetric and fertility issues across a wide international population. She believes in a wide spanning holistic approach to treating a patient that addresses many lifestyle factors, as well as a combination of Eastern and Western medical principles. She is a passionate womens’ rights ambassador, with roles on a number of international charities that have included UN Women and The Circle, Saying Goodbye and Endometriosis UK. She has used her role as medical ambassador to advocate and push for change at government level, helping to lead to the implementation of the Women’s Health Strategy recently launched by the government. She is also ITV This Morning’s, Channel Mum’s and Healthista’s Women’s Health Expert, regularly appears and is quoted by the media, and has several research interests. These include the effect of stress on reproductive outcomes, older age motherhood, as well as the current global injustice of inequity of access to reproductive care. Her website www.drlarisacorda.com  offers guidance and support for all those wanting a natural, scientifically and spiritually guided empowering approach to their fertility and pregnancy. Having worked closely with many struggling to become pregnant and the harrowing emotional toll that this often has, she developed an interest in mental health as well as the effect of the neurochemical environment caused by stress, which led her to develop  a unique and fully holistic programme for fertility and pregnancy called The Conception Plan. This resulted in This Morning’s very own baby Freddie, born to a couple struggling with subfertility for several years and who used the plan to help them become pregnant, with personal guidance from Larisa.

During the pandemic, she volunteered to help on the frontline of the crisis in one of the largest intensive care units in the country, where she has seen first hand the effect on mental health on patients, their families as well as her colleagues, in addition to the anxieties and fear faced by those pregnant during this crisis. She has openly shared her own personal feelings and struggles during the pandemic, as a doctor reporting from the frontline in the media, and remains passionate about dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health that still exists within healthcare as well as our society at large, and offering help and support for everyone suffering in this crisis, especially those whom COVID has personally affected, and their families. In addition, her work on the frontline of maternity and gynaecology during this pandemic has allowed her to see the devastating impact this global crisis has had on women and babies, fuelling her work to continue campaigning for equitable access, informed decision making, earlier diagnosis and treatment times, provision of compassionate leave for all those suffering the loss of a child and ending period stigma and poverty, all causes she has devoted herself to.

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